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Meaning of our products’ names

Due to his passion for nature, the President of Peratri, S.R.L. chose the company products’ names from the nomenclature of different species of flora and fauna of the Dominican Republic and other parts of the world, to motivate people to maintain a spirit of compromise and contribute to the sustainability of the environment.

TRINAX: It is the second part of the scientific name of the tree“Palma Guano”(Coccothrinax spissa).  

GUIDONIA: It is the second scientific name“Árbol Cabirma Santa” (Guarea Guidonia) which abounds in Haïtises, Dominican Republic.

 DIDYX-PJ: It is a part of the scientific name of Palo Wind(Didymopanax tremulus), this tree is within the Sierra de Bahoruco National Park. 

FUSCATA-DA: It is the second scientific name Seagull “Sterna Fuscata”.Common Names: Gaviota Oscura, Gaviota Monja. These birds abound in the Caribbean.

 BELINI This second name scientific name the Palma Datilera Enana (Phoenix roebelenii). Originally from Laos (Sudeste de Asia).

CAULIS: It is the second part of the scientific name of palma botella “mascarena lagenicaulis bailey”.

PHAENI: Part of the first scientific name of the bird“cuatro ojos” (Phaenicophilus palmarum). 

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